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You were born to be you.

Momo & Yeti’s metaverse is about to be born; actually, we’re being reborn. We’re a family of monsters and mythical creatures ready to smash the old stories and show the world that your past doesn’t dictate your future.



The Ancients

Total Supply: 555

A collection of 555 unique NFT avatars that populate Momo & Yeti's world. The Ancients are nearly as old as the Land, wise yet stubborn, unwavering and determined. They are influential and respected. The Ancients have special powers at Ecclesia, known as the Assembly of the Brave.

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Grace belongs to the very first ancients, the Conterons. Giant in size and a personality to match, Grace is no exception to the rule.

Another mischief on legs, Grace can be a little over dramatic as she recalls her adventures.

Beginning to learn her trade as a bender, she may need to concentrate more on her skill than tattle tales.


With so many creatures in all shapes and sizes, questions of origin, evolution and segregation arise. Where did they all come from? Where did they scatter to, and who is a descendant from whom?



The Garius family is the first of the Frankenstein; they are bulky and quite awkward. They are brilliant but socially inept in most situations. They are brilliant Forgers, Healers and Thinkers.

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Momo & Yeti in Metaverse

The Momo and Yeti clan have a great understanding of Planet Neo and are unmatched in their scientific prowess. This knowledge allows them to precisely channel magical energy to accelerate resource collection and refinement.

Create structures and buildings on existing terrain

Receive resources more quickly and efficiently

Build unique structures, tools and armour that are unique to the Momo and Yeti clan

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